Teamwork has a strategic importance. Many organizations, from the smallest to multinationals corporation, are constantly seeking tips, strategies and investing to improve the efficiency of the working group, the team. We chose companies similar to us over the territory to make a network, to open collaborations that allow us to deliver our products in a more extensive and efficient way throughout the national territory and in the greatest demand areas.
Corà Leganmi has been operating in the Italian and international markets since 1919. The company based in Vicenza, with its continual development over the years, today represents the "economic and production history" of the Italian wood sector, from the search for raw materials to their industrial processing and crafting.
Since 1992 Toscana Legnami has always stood for professionalism and quality of its products. Always attentive to the market development, the history of Tuscana Legnami comes up today by offering a wide range of products and services unique in their kind.
Mag Commerciale is a company focused in the distruibution of wood panels for the furniture industry, outdoor furniture and exhibition stand set ups.