Continuos improvement


Our best service is the practice.

Our commercial network will support your choice of materials from the estimate to the drawing up your project.



We are delighted to annunce our new METRO CUTTING EDGE SERVICE.
The client will need to call our commercial office or check on our site the decor list on service and ask the size desired.
The borders will be submitted by courier with the rest of the order.
For details about this service, please contact our commercial office.



Towards the same aim: make it easier!
All the sections of the company are elements of the same machine that it must work perfectly for good results.
We believe in collaboration and exchange of informations; each of us is the key element for the growth of the company.
It can be possible thanks to the meetings and training courses with our sales force, it stimulates the experience sharing and information flow.


Our distribution network boasts of punctuality on delivery thanks to an efficient organization combined with the commitment of the entire team each time.
The Headquarter and all the branches boast stategic geographic positions in order to optimize the delivery time.



Communicate, communicate, communicate.
A continuing investment on marketing and communications trategies let the company stay in step with the times.
Our Sales Force is supported by cataloques, sample cases, web and social tools for the products proposal to our clients. Our three-monthly house organ provides the latest updates and news to the market, it promotes the focus products. The web site and the social medias share the relation beetwin our clients and us. All of it has designed for the creation of a 360° communication system that it let us be constantly next to our interlocutors in a interactive and in a tangible way.